AI versus Human: Can ChatGPT Replace Tech Recruiters?

Quick Summary - The hype around the new sensational chatbot has not died down for months. Some say it threatens to render many professions useless. In this article, we analyze whether the new bot is a friend or foe for tech recruiters. And of course, we ask ChatGPT about it.

AI versus Human: Can ChatGPT Replace Tech Recruiters?

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March 15, 2023

ChatGPT, presented by OpenAI, made a furor in November 2022. Within just five days, it was overloaded with a million requests, according to Forbes. And two months after launch, it had 100 million users, The Guardian reported.

“This will change our world”Bill Gates said recently. By the way, Microsoft plans to invest 10 billion dollars in the project. The Microsoft founder believes that “programs like ChatGPT will make many office jobs more efficient”. At the same time, the sensational bot makes educators, journalists and other specialists who deal with texts feel insecure.

However, ChatGPT can not only make small talk, write a school essay, or lyrics in the style of Nick Cave (in fact, Nick Cave does not like it) but also process music and coding.



ChatGPT coding


The question arises of how to determine the authenticity of texts (and other works) and how to deal with copyright if AI easily imitates human speech, and writes poems and articles. There is even an opinion that ChatGPT can threaten democracy.

The bot developers themselves offered a possible antidote. But they immediately warned that the classifier of AI-written texts is not a guarantee of reliable results.

How ChatGPT can impact recruiting

An interesting recruiting case with ChatGPT is described by Sky News. A communications consulting company was looking for candidates with strong prose writing skills. The owner decided to involve the bot for the sake of the experiment. The recruiting team was unaware of AI’s participation among human applicants and after reviewing the test tasks, recommended ChatGPT for an interview with the founder.

Using the bot, people are already writing motivational letters and resumes, and completing test tasks. At the same time, ChatGPT is being actively tested on the other side of recruiting – for screening candidates, writing job descriptions, and interview questions. Probably, the time is coming when it will not be possible to distinguish with whom you are dealing – with a person or a robot. And the hiring process risks turning into a conversation between applicant bots and recruiter bots.

ChatGPT in hi-tech hiring: can the robot recruit instead of a human?

Anyway, it cannot be denied that ChatGPT has already confidently invaded our everyday life and is about to become a natural part of it. It really automates and facilitates many work processes, in tech recruiting particularly.

Here are some options for using the bot as a working tool: 

  • Creating a job description

Key parameters and requirements are set by the recruiter, instead, the robot writes the text itself, and it does it qualitatively in terms of grammar, stylistics, and technical nuances.

  • Quick resume screening

According to different studies, a recruiter needs to review between 98 and 250 resumes to hire one employee. ChatGPT can take over this process and select the CVs that most closely match the request.

  • Writing questions for interviews and conversation script

Based on the job description, the bot can create a possible interview scenario with relevant questions to assess the candidate’s skills.

  • Answering questions and providing information about the company

In fact, the bot allows you to create interactive FAQs and answer common questions at the initial stages of communication.

  • Classification of applicants

Even an experienced recruiter cannot know all the technical nuances, and project managers are not always clear in their requests. The bot can help define skills that would be considered, for example, “middle” or “senior” in a given role.

Some companies have gone even further and created entire platforms based on ChatGPT that can screen and communicate with candidates almost without human intervention. But can the bot really make a brilliant hiring?



Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels

Natalia Morozova
Head of Recruitment at PerceptionBox

ChatGPT is a great helper and a time saver. This is a fact. But at the moment, of course, there is no risk that the bot is able to replace human recruiters.

Natalia continues: "It should be taken into account that the bot makes mistakes. It is still learning and must be checked manually. In addition, it works based on information until 2021. And this is a significant limitation. Therefore, we can only partially use it for sourcing functions.

Also, an important aspect is that certain information cannot be uploaded. Large companies where security is an important part of the policy will not use this bot and may not allow recruiters to use it at all.

As for the hiring process, it can evaluate resumes based on initial features, sort candidates according to vacancy, schedule interviews or give notices, but it cannot conduct qualified interviews and analyze soft skills. It is unable to assess whether the candidate fits the company's culture and whether he has the appropriate temperament for a particular team or a particular manager. ChatGPT cannot make decisions.

Of course, there is a risk that the applicant may also want to use the bot. In this case, companies can take measures. If it is not possible to conduct technical testing in the office, then it takes place in real-time, online, via video, and with the candidate's comments about his actions.

Recruiters can and will use AI as a tool in their work. But it is possible that in the future the market will be divided into those who use such bots and those who remain in the classic style of recruiting".


And finally, we asked ChatGPT. Here is the answer:



ChatGPT recruitment


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