Managed Development Team

We manage the delivery process, instill best practices and take delivery responsibility, so that you can focus on getting business and product-related stuff done.

Forget Management Overhead

We manage the team on behalf of you with a help of an experienced project manager, so that you do not spend your time on task allocation, project management, etc.

54% decrease in cost

On average a team set up with us costs you 50% less than a local team. We are not making you obliged to a management overhead, use effective employment techniques, distributed locations and software to decrease the operational overhead. Have a detailed calculation for your specific case here.

Complete delivery responsibility

We guarantee bi-weekly delivery of the made by the team members commitments while maintaining a complete transparency of what’s happening during iterations.

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Limited budget?

Explore our very own Shared Development Team that enables you to have a complete control over budget while getting your delivery on time