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Intelligent IoT Solutions & Embedded Software
We’ll let you take a step forward to internet of things - the next big thing!
“Impact of the IoT on the global economy might be as highas $6.2 trillion by 2025!”
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After personal computers, internet and mobile phones - Internet of Things is the next revolution in digital world. Huge variety of ideas, startups and devices - IoT companies and products in the industry accept a wide variety of forms and shapes. That let entrepreneurs to find unusual approach to solving existing problems.

Smart web cameras, smart home devices and management systems, fitness and healthcare wearables and others - we already did it, we know your pain, we are here to help!

We know various ways how to combine in the non-standard way already known solutions with the latest developments for building products of the Internet of Things industry. We are ready to provide you both our hardware and software development services which can help you to create outstanding products with the help of latest technologies.

We are willing to invest our experience and out expertise into your company to help you avoid the most common roadblocks and to reduce your cost on the way to top of IoT industry.

Solutions and Tools We Offer
System Integration
Gateway Solutions
Hardware Prototyping
User Experience Design
Sensor Solutions
IoT Platforms Development
Embedded Analytics
Smart Home Management
We are experts in
Machine Learning Engineering
Hardware Prototyping
One of the earliest and hardest challenges for a hardware startup is building a prototype. As with any startup, iterating and improving the prototype is crucial. We are ready to help our partners to build a prototype or MVP of their products. From Arduino and Raspberry to 3D modeling and printing - our team of embedded engineers ready give a hand to you.
Natural Language Processing
Embedded Software Development
Through multiple projects we gained experience with embedded software development and micro controllers engineering. We know the difference between some lines of code and configuring an interrupt handler to respond to your button push just to make all things work. We are ready to go beyond just software and work closer with hardware team to achieve the best results.
Image Recognition & Computer vision
IoT Management Systems
After prototyping and development of embedded software next the most usual issue most IoT businesses face with - is how to manage their devices and make management experience easier and more convenient. At this stage we are ready to offer both dedicated management applications as well as comprehensive smart home management system.
AI Algorithms Development
Wearable Integration & Connectivity
In the world of multiple devices, platforms and even protocols integrating your newly build product into existing diverse IoT ecosystem may be a tricky task. But we’ve gathered huge expertise in different integrations and ready to answer - what you should integrate first, how to do it, and other questions.