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Extend your tech team with top talent.
We provide top-notch developers for startups/SMB's
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Free technical consultation

We discuss what kind of remote team you’re looking for, what tech stack to use, how urgently do you need the developers and your budget for the project.


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Interview the candidates

You pick the best candidates, and we assemble the right team for you from our vast selection of developers.


Onboarding the team

As soon as you assembled the team, they’ll be ready to be integrated into your team - just like in-house employees.


What you get


productivity per


Same or better


Access to a vast
talent pool


Fast team


You retain control of all
management aspects of the


No employee overhead
(and No Federal/State

Ukraine benefits


Comfortable time zone
+2 GMT

The same as in Israel, 2-3
hours ahead of most europe,
6 hours ahead of the New
York (EDT)


Ukrainian tech specialists salary is
approx. $25–50 per hour

Saving you up to 70% of your


Ukrainian IT industry
grows 25% a year

Access to 200,000 IT
professionals and rising

Common questions


From the time we agree upon your team requirements to their first day on the job with you typically requires 10 business days, for full-time personnel. Often, this can be reduced to 5 business days for part-time personnel. Some positions can be harder to fill and may take longer. We’re keenly aware of any skill shortages and will inform you of any delays that might be expected when discussing your team requirements. We have an extensive network, so shortages don’t last long.

Software developers and engineers today are capable of working from nearly any location with reasonable internet access. Most work from their own home or local coworking spaces frequent in our startup hubs like Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, and Dnipro. They can also come into our local offices as needed for specific events. However, some of our clients have set up their own fully-equipped Research and Development centers in Ukraine. In such cases, developers and engineers report to their home office as they would in any other centralized work environment.

We take care of all of the accounting and payroll taxes of each person on your outsourced team. PerceptionBox is a registered business in (city) Israel and has offices in Kyiv and Odessa, Ukraine.

Only as relates to specialty equipment that may require (i.e. augmented reality, video production, 3D printers, etc.). Most of our IT specialists already have computers and essential hardware of their own. If they do not, we provide them a laptop or desktop as suited to your project and defined in our discussions.

We hope this never happens, but it’s not realistic to say it can never happen. It’s desirable to first speak with the engineer to bring the matter to their attention and provide an opportunity to self-correct. It’s our experience that Ukrainian engineers truly aim to please and that they’ll tackle any issue presented to them in a forthright and diligent manner. If, however, the situation repeats, please bring it to the attention of your account manager here at PerceptionBox so we can evaluate your options together. Options include further training to replacing the engineer, suffice that some attention should be given to minimizing the disruption this may have on your project.

One of your first priorities when outsourcing is to designate a project manager or team leader to oversee your outsourced team - and define your protocols, workdays, office hours, flextime policies, etc. This extends to include the project management software your team should use (like Jira, Trello, Monday, ClickUp, or any other PMS you choose). The productivity of each developer should be clear if you are tracking tasks with Sprints using the popular and effective Agile methodology. Your PM or team leader will also need to define which version control system you want to use (like git or mercurial), version hosting and management solution (GitHub, GitLab, BigBucket, Azure DevOps). Ideally, you should also use automated software development performance analytics - which can track virtually every imaginable metric for each developer, team, and project, in your company.

This is certainly possible provided it is planned with sufficient advance notice. We strongly recommend contacting your account manager here with PerceptionBox to facilitate the effort. You’ll need to cover the cost of airline tickets, lodging and per diem expenses, and visa fees. Some countries may require you to write a letter of invitation stating why the person is needed and where they will stay upon arrival.



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