Getting on a DevOps train is hard, our DevOps practice provides clients with a set of consulting services, tools and powers it up with a team of experienced engineers so that you can decrease adoption time and start getting results fast.

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Prepare your organization for Continuous Delivery

  • Assessment of the current state of DevOps
  • Development of the Software Architecture that minimizes dependencies and hand-offs between services
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Implementation for Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery with Docker, Jenkins, ELK, Kubernetes, Terraform and other open-source technologies
  • Implementation for Continuous Operations using Canary Releases and Feature Flag-approach.
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Improve delivery speed and reliability of your operations

  • Training & workshops for leadership and engineering teams
  • Injection of a number of DevOps engineers in your team to speed up implementation and ease adoption
  • Ongoing support and  updates of infrastructure component and infrastructure improvements.
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What you get

Time to market

Get technical and user feedback in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months.

Quality and Reliability

Continuous code integration combined with Automated testing and agile delivery of small software increments guarantees you always stable software environment.

Cost reduction

Forget about misuse of computational resources and set the right team composition for managing operations.

What we do

Audit and Consultng

We help you to assess your current state of software delivery process, including deployment and operations and consult on adjustments to software architecture, the tools you use and test-automation .

Integration and Delivery

We help you to set up the right tools (Kubernetes, Terraform) and environments (including Cloud), and ensure seamless integration with your development process needs.

Education and Training

We educate and train your engineering teams on the best practices in utilizing Devops culture, ensure ongoing support and coaching.

Featured case study

Continuous Delivery using Kubernetes

Ready to accelerate your software delivery?

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