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Need A Team That
Feels Like Your Own?
A dedicated team at PerceptionBox guarantees an efficient development process without recruiting or management from your side!
228 000 000 000$
Global market size of outsourced services
We offer
  • Access to the best software engineers
  • Working flexibility
  • No need to recruit
  • Delivery management
  • Easy administration
  • Industry expertise
  • Technology consulting
  • Continuous improvements and support
Your own software development dedicated team give you the perfect mix of flexibility, scalability and result delivery.
We set up, scale, and manage your remote engineering team like our own, to free you from all team management and administration nightmares to may have with the in-house team. You have direct access to and control over the offshore development team, just like they are in the neighboring office.
Enjoy your software, while leaving production, improvements, and maintenance to a team of software experts. We create the team based on your requirements and with your business goals in mind and constantly engage industry professionals for the team consulting to provide the best solution for your market. Don’t worry about anything other than building and scaling your business - we will develop your back and front to power your business processes.
One may not possibly know it all but we do our best to widen the expertise of technologies through hiring a diverse team of professionals.
This allows us to grow stronger together while eliminating a weakness through a mutual effort. And, of course, it allows us to enhance your business with the expertise we gained from an impressive portfolio of projects from numerous industries.
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With emphasis on lean business logic and pitch-perfect UX, we help innovative FinTech startups grow and reach their desired audience through delivery of solid, well-received applications your audience expects from you.
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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have now become the core of business automation solutions. We have experience in development of intense, data-driven applications designed to support and expand on your goals and objectives.
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Fun, engaging and gorgeous are just a share of the traditional requirements for Media & entertainment solutions. We do all that AND create future-proof, scalable solutions capable of withstanding colossal volumes of traffic.
We can help you with
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Choose the right combination
of technologies
With our data-driven approach, by analyzing your industry and business goals, we will provide you with recommendations on the technology stack and tools that meet your requirements to stay ahead of your competitors.
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Automate processes for
better efficiency
Seeking to make better business decisions and reduce operational costs? Our professionally built custom software solutions with the power of Data Science and Machine Learning let our clients boost their business efficiency and lower costs with our solutions.
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Revisit your legacy IT
With the constant emergence of new technologies, IT solutions become outdated faster than almost any other solution. With the ever-evolving world, keeping your software up to date to met market expectation becomes a business headache. We can get your business back to the future of modern technologies that power success. We apply our data-driven approach and superior technologies for you to stay ahead of your competitors.
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Constant maintenance and
In the ever-changing world of digital technologies and modern fast- growing markets, it’s very important to keep your software up to date with latest technologies and relevant industry requirements to beat your competitors in terms of services you provide.
See what else we provide
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We build beautiful, fast and responsive applications that work well in any browser on desktop or mobile. We don’t just make apps, we tailor experiences
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Our team has experience in development of custom software for business automation from AI-based Data Intelligence solutions to CRM and ERP systems. If the market doesn’t offer you the functionality your business requires make it from scratch!
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Dedicated teams of iOS and Android developers are at your disposal. Our unique lean Project Management methodologies allow for rapid, scalable growth, cross-platform compatibility and simultaneous access to a pool of 20+ engineers