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355 000 000 000$
Spent on custom business software development last year
Our solutions
  • Custom business software
  • MVP development
  • Automated Billing and Payment Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Data Visualization and Advanced Analytics
  • Maintenance and support
  • Architecture Development
  • IoT Solution Development
Every business is unique and has its own unique approach to its customers, but a lot of businessmen prefer to spend tons of money to buy pre-built software solutions that, of course, help their business, but doesn’t satisfy all their needs and slow down their growth.
Whether you are in the financial industry, retail, provide your customers some specific services, want to extend your reach or create some IoT solution, you constantly face with some industry- specific issues that can’t be solved with existing software.
We’re focused on understanding your industry as well as your customers’ needs, validating hypotheses quickly, reducing risks, with continuous improvements of our processes to ensure highly efficient and comprehensive software development with your business goals in mind to help you with your custom needs and deliver a solution that lets you become free from these headaches. We never stop improving and developing your custom software solution. For all of our partners, we offer top-notch technical maintenance with 24/7 availability as well as enhancement integration of latest technologies like machine learning, conversational UI, blockchain, and others to make your business stronger and profitable.
We use the full range of modern mobile and wearable technologies that let us to implement any kind of business logic and magnificent design. We do follow best design and development principles to ensure that your software is always stable and scalable.
No matter how complex your business software development needs may be, we have a technical solution that satisfies all of them. The usage of cutting- edge technologies and methodologies to build smart and comprehensive business software lets us fit your business strategy and timelines.
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With emphasis on lean business logic and pitch-perfect UX, we help innovative FinTech startups grow and reach their desired audience through delivery of solid, well-received applications your audience expects from you.
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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have now become the core of business automation solutions. We have experience in development of intense, data-driven applications designed to support and expand on your goals and objectives.
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Fun, engaging and gorgeous are just a share of the traditional requirements for Media & entertainment solutions. We do all that AND create future-proof, scalable solutions capable of withstanding colossal volumes of traffic.
We can help you with
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Build your software
from scratch
We will provide full-stack software development, integration, support and maintenance with any kind of technology that may satisfy your business needs. You can start with a single application and proceed with us to develop a complete software ecosystem.
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Process Automation
Most of the most successful companies nowadays want to maximize automation of their business processes. And there are the reasons of this desire - reduce operational costs and improve the results (upsell, conversion rate, customer happiness, retention rate, etc.). Make your business less dependent on human mistakes.
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Progressive Machine
Incorporation of your custom business software and machine learning best practices is the best option to enhance your business. We’ve gathered rich expertise from various industries to help you implement and integrate latest achievements of machine learning development into the core of your business.
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Legacy software
Whether your business software is obsolete or you want some additional functions into your existing corporate software - we know your pain. That's why we’ve developed a step-by-step approach for such case to ensure that you will receive the best we can deliver with minimum efforts from both sides.
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We build beautiful, fast and responsive applications that work well in any browser on desktop or mobile. We don’t just make apps, we tailor experiences
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Our team has experience in development of custom software for business automation from AI-based Data Intelligence solutions to CRM and ERP systems. If the market doesn’t offer you the functionality your business requires make it from scratch!
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Dedicated teams of iOS and Android developers are at your disposal. Our unique lean Project Management methodologies allow for rapid, scalable growth, cross-platform compatibility and simultaneous access to a pool of 20+ engineers