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Smart Home Management System
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Smart home management solution that let its users connect different third-party IoT devices, manage them and visualize the whole home network.
It also has multiple user roles, real-time device location and architecture development for future 3rd party integrations.
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Meteor, jQuery, Digital Ocean.
Accessibility and connectivity of the system
Real-time management of hird-party smart home solutions
Distribution of user privileges
Visualization of all smart home systems in the app
Our client aimed to build the overall smart home management system that can cover multiple third-party IoT devices that now conquer the consumer market. Gather all these devices in one peace and create a comprehensive platform for management of them - that was a challenge we’ve faced and that were the goals we strived to.
We required to gather all information about different IoT devices , their technical stack, how they operate and what kind of solutions can connect them all together. “Gathering, flexibility and convenience” - was the essence of the whole software development process this time!
Variety of connection types
Variety of connection types
Gather connection between numerous services, protocols, ports and technologies of IoT devices into one smart home system.
Variety of connection types
3rd party solutions diversity
Management of a huge number of third-party hardware and software through a single interface.
Variety of connection types
Flexible security
Security of the system as a whole as well as wise consideration of admin privileges and capabilities.
Variety of connection types
Smart home network visualization
Creation of an interface that allows for visualization of operations with smart home tech in the app.
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