What Is Subscription-Based Recruitment and Why Choose It in Tech?

Quick Summary - Recruitment subscription (also called Recruiting as a service) is an alternative to traditional cooperation with a recruitment agency. This model makes the hiring process predictable and allows you to cut costs almost in half.

Subscription-based recruitment

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June 2, 2023

The subscription format has proven to be beneficial in most services, from entertainment streaming platforms to specialized software. However, this model is relatively new to the recruitment service. It gained popularity among tech companies during the pandemic. It was the time when having in-house recruiters was unprofitable but it was still necessary to hire regularly.

What is a subscription-based recruitment process?

A recruitment subscription, like any other subscription, is based on monthly payments. Usually, the client company can choose different pricing plans which provide for the duration of a subscription and the number of candidates hired during this period.

Long-term subscriptions (from six months to a year) result in effective hiring, offer a comprehensive approach to recruitment, and maintain the employer brand. Short-term ones (up to 6 months) help to close positions quickly and predictably.

This model works best for small companies, startups, and businesses that hire in-house on a regular basis.

How subscription-based recruitment differs from the traditional model of working with a recruitment agency?

Typical IT recruitment agencies charge an average of 20% fee on each hire. They focus on selecting candidates for specific positions or provide an outsourcing team.

The subscription-based model allows systematic hiring and actually makes recruiters an extension of your team. The client company retains control over the process as if it were working with its own in-house recruiters. In addition, this model reduces hiring costs almost in half due to monthly fees and predictability.

Main benefits of Subscription-based recruitment

  • Fixed price

The client company can calculate its costs in advance. It eliminates any unpleasant surprises and overpayments.

  • Control of the hiring process

Subscription includes time to hire, a specific number of relevant candidates, and interviews per week. It makes the process transparent and predictable.

  • Cost reduction

We estimate that a fixed fee can save you up to 44% on recruitment compared to the traditional model. 

  • Fast pace

Clear process planning allows you to predict the time of successful hiring in advance and avoid prolonged searches for the right candidate.

Tech Recruitment Subscription with PerceptionBox 


Step 1. Discussion of requirements

We offer a transparent and predictable recruitment service. First, we define your needs and whether such a model suits you. If a client wants to hire in-house and knows who exactly they need, Recruitment Subscription is the best option.

One of the key advantages is that we immediately clearly prescribe our commitments according to the timeline. So you can understand when you will cover a specific position.

Step 2. Signing the contract

After we agree on details, we conclude the contract and receive an upfront payment based on a monthly subscription. 

Step 3. Hiring 

We usually offer two successful hires per subscription month. Additionally, we charge a fixed amount per placement, not related to the candidate’s salary.

Estimated figures for a monthly subscription:

  • 15 interviews per week
  • Nine relevant candidates for tech assessment 
  • Average hire time is 15-45 days

One of our case studies: web developer subscription-based recruitment

The US-based product company experienced an intense hiring period. Due to high technical requirements and complicated positions to fill, they approached PerceptionBox to extend their recruitment capabilities. With one Tech Recruitment, we have been working for Senior .NET, Senior Angular, and Technical Backend Lead roles with pre-negotiated SLA commitments. Our Recruitment team integrated into the Client’s hiring flow (including Client-side ATS, Interview scripts, and candidate lists exchange). The work is ongoing.

Natalia Morozova
Head of Recruitment at PerceptionBox

With a Tech Recruitment Subscription, you get a dedicated recruiter who will work on 2-3 positions with pre-agreed commitments. We can easily adapt to your processes and software, or you can benefit from ours. Give us a try, and if you are not satisfied - terminate the cooperation within the first 14 days and get your money back.

We are always ready to provide comprehensive consultation and transparent conditions. Contact us for details!


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