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Bring the power of BI and Big Data custom developed solution into your business to outrun your competitors!
Big Data is the new black gold. We’ll help you to mine it!

Today Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning are the essential parts of both online and even offline business. Even truly offline businesses understood the importance of the customers’ data and how usage of big data and machine learning can enhance their business metrics.

There is no enough analytics and with the increasing internet penetration into our lives, the number of data we generate is constantly increasing as well as the value of this data. There are a lot of different examples of how we can use these data to do awesome things such as finding out the best price for the range of goods, defining a probability of becoming a customer, and even finding out potential client preferences and needs even before a client will have them. We are fond of such big data development magic and we would be glad to give you the fraction of this magic!

Solutions and Tools We Offer
Data Mining
Data Processing
Distributed storage
Predictive Analytics
Visualisation of Big Data
Risk management & evaluation
Building aggregate indicators in multilayer correlation analysis
We are experts in
Machine Learning Engineering
Big Data Processing
It’s a challenge to gather and process a big amount of data for any company and the more data you have and the more these data are diversified the bigger challenge it is. But the data handling is the first challenge, after that, you need to save and find relationships in petabytes of data and build reliable architecture to handle billions of queries.
Natural Language Processing
Data Visualization
The data-driven approach to business is the best way to choose right direction and be agiler in your market moves. But with the increasing number of data, it becomes harder to find the right metrics and identify the very right pattern. We dive deep into the business and take into consideration both general market and industry-specific metrics to do our best to help you grow.
Image Recognition & Computer vision
Business Intelligence
Today its extremely important for every business survival to get actionable insights from their corporate data to make truly business decisions. We help our clients with business intelligence development and we are keen to make you use the entire power of the data you have and strive to achieve a previously impossible level in your business, industry, and market.
AI Algorithms Development
Data Mining
You have data! Yes, even if you don’t have a company, you have a data we are fond of helping business both future and existing to find, mine, evaluate and improve that data which can serve your purpose and make your dreams come true.