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We create custom Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions that will give your business the upper hand over competitors!
2 657 700 GB
of Internet Data is generated every minute in the US
Our solutions
  • Custom business intelligence
  • Recommendation platforms
  • Risk management
  • Business Process optimization
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Data Mining
  • Data and Technology Consulting
You have the data. We have the data experts. We provide you a highly qualified team of industry-certified technology nerds that implement high-end technologies that provide custom tools needed to analyze data, discover patterns, propose analytical models, make informed decisions and minimize risks. We constantly improving our AI & ML skills to deliver more and more high-tech solution.
Usage of your customers/consumers data smartly reduces your time to market for any product or service as well as improves your current business metrics. We combine traditional methods like ETL and BI with
breakthrough technologies in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make your business truly data-driven.
There always are some intellectual and superb ways to solve business issues with the modern power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which looks like some magic for non-tech people. These solutions can do something incredible with the data, that seemed impossible several years ago. We love them, we admire them, we want to do them more and we would be glad to offer them to you.
Usage of the latest and comprehensive technologies is a must for our scientific approach to machine learning, but we understand the importance of scalability and maintenance of big data and machine learning system with the growth of your business.
No matter whether it’s Spark, Hadoop, Tensorflow, Cognos, Power BI, Caffe - we cover you with the most modern enterprise level technologies which can do even more than you expect.
If we undertake your big data development needs that means you have a team of top- notch engineers who have a workable plan for developing your big data software even before we set an agreement.
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With emphasis on lean business logic and pitch-perfect UX, we help innovative FinTech startups grow and reach their desired audience through delivery of solid, well-received applications your audience expects from you.
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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have now become the core of business automation solutions. We have experience in development of intense, data-driven applications designed to support and expand on your goals and objectives.
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Fun, engaging and gorgeous are just a share of the traditional requirements for Media & entertainment solutions. We do all that AND create future-proof, scalable solutions capable of withstanding colossal volumes of traffic.
We can help you with
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The time of personal approach to every customer already came and if you are not in the boat, soon you may be out of business at all. We understand how hard and confusing can be personalization implementation in various industries and we would be happy to help you go through this process: from marketing consulting to final set up of personalized offers.
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Make better
business decisions
Data-driven approach helps businesses to make more thoughtful decisions and be agiler in terms of product-market fit. In order to reach this approach, you need to apply data analysis techniques to support business decision-making process. We are ready to provide you business intelligence development services for you to receive the right solution for your business.
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Data Based
There are a lot of both new and existing products which use big data to provide some services. The must-have feature for all of these products is to operate data in the proper way. We would be glad to dive deep into your business to develop the amazing solution that can extract real value for your customers from their data or data that you gather from different sources.
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Predictive Analytics
Discover important market trends, find some industry insights, and even divine your customers’ desires - all that gives you a chance to stay ahead of your competitors. We’re working on analytics for businesses for a quite long time and we know for sure how tricky predictive analytics development may be, but we are happy to face this challenge with you!
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We build beautiful, fast and responsive applications that work well in any browser on desktop or mobile. We don’t just make apps, we tailor experiences
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Our team has experience in development of custom software for business automation from AI-based Data Intelligence solutions to CRM and ERP systems. If the market doesn’t offer you the functionality your business requires make it from scratch!
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Dedicated teams of iOS and Android developers are at your disposal. Our unique lean Project Management methodologies allow for rapid, scalable growth, cross-platform compatibility and simultaneous access to a pool of 20+ engineers