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Top VC funds investing in Fintech startups

According to the latest findings by Crunchbase, the projected global venture deal volumes have changed adding up 12.3% on quarterly and 16.4% on yearly basis. Furthermore, FinTech funds being poured into startups rose by 20.4% Q1FY17 to Q1FY18 and more than 100% when you compare year-on-year numbers. Who are those movers and shakers among FinTech investors that dare to support the most innovative fintech development pioneers in the space? We’ll split the FinTech VC crowd into three buckets depending on the stages of funding. Let’s get this show on the road.

Seed-stage FinTech Investors

Y Combinator

Y Combinator top VC fund among Seed-stage FinTech Investor
Snapshot: Y Combinator is a US-born seed startups accelerator that has invented the new way FinTech funds are raised. The company distributes over $100,000 x 2 year among numerous pioneering firms inviting those to Silicon Valley. After, the team of industry pros guides the entrepreneurs for a quarter preparing them for the next big step they make when meeting FinTech investors. Among Y Combinator’s pool of startups are such well-known brands as AirBnB, DropBox, Coinbase, Reddit, and Stripe etc.

Founded: 2005

Number of recent deals: 28

Plug and Play

Plug and Play top VC fund among Seed-stage FinTech Investor
Snapshot: the tech center is among FinTech funds sources that bridge the gaps between startups and large corporations looking to add some edge to their existing offerings. Along with corporate tech upgrades and startup accelerators, Plug and play deals in global events and offers office spaces for a small business willing to scale from the very heart of the innovation hub. This FinTech VC can boast of helping such labels find their feet as Stellar, Amber, CreditSesame, DomusTower, and Sparkling Logic among others.

Founded: 2006

Number of recent deals: 17

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500 Startups

500 Startups top VC fund among Seed-stage FinTech Investor
Snapshot: 500 Startups is among the top tier global FinTech investors that offer from $25,000 to $250,000 of seed capital to entrepreneurs to kick off their business. The seed program of this FinTech VC takes four months and revolves around joining a strong community of like-minded innovators, mentoring and professional connections. 500 Startups operates in Mexico City and San Francisco and invests close to $150,000 in exchange for 6% of the return. The program fee is $37,500. So far, the company helped with FinTech funds to such prominent firms as CreditKarma, Realty Shares, Konfio, Neighborly as well as Givesurance.

Founded: 2010

Number of recent deals: 13

Early-stage FinTech Investors

Commerce Ventures

 Commerce Ventures top VC fund among Early-stage FinTech Investor
Snapshot: retail and FinTech funds are the main focus of Commerce Ventures. The company is on a mission to help groundbreakers acquire more clients, business partners and C-suite management team. The area of interest for the investor lies within the pool of companies that created their flagship offering and proved early product-market fit.
Shoptalk Ventures is a recent collab between Shoptalk and Commerce Ventures aimed at financing 20 startups during a 2-year period distributing 1MUSD among entrepreneurs. This leading FinTech VC has a broad portfolio of projects with Vestwell, Trizic, Blooom,, and Kasisto we wrote about earlier among the funded trailblazers.

Founded: 2013

Number of recent deals: 8

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CreditEase FinTech Investment Fund

CreditEase top VC fund among Early-stage FinTech Investor
Snapshot: FinTech Investment Fund is a subsidiary of Chinese CreditEase. These FinTech investors focus on companies that create profitable and scalable technology-powered solutions. CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund was one of the nominees as "Top Fintech Equity Investor" at this year LendIt USA conference, the globe's largest show in FinTech and lending sectors. Supporting growth-stage startups in China and all around the world, FinTech Investment Fund has worked with Fair, Cyzone, BioCatch, Branch International, Meiliche, and Shenma Finance since the beginning of 2018.

Founded: 2016

Number of recent deals: 7


Greycroft top VC fund among Early-stage FinTech Investor
Snapshot: laying its hopes on outstanding entrepreneurs, Greysoft FinTech VC began its long-term journey more than a decade ago. Today, Greysoft brand is about FinTech funds coming from Greycroft IV, a 204MUSD venture and Greycroft Growth II, a 365MUSD growth-stage funds. The growth arm of the company offers financing from 10MUSD to 35MUSD helping young firms to flourish. The FinTech investors don’t have any certain rate of return they expect and are ready to negotiate the interest. Greycroft works with different business verticals but their FinTech funds helped such players as Azimo, Braintree, Flutterwave, Fortumo, and Deposit Solutions.

Founded: 2006

Number of recent deals: 6

Late-stage FinTech Investors

Bain Capital Ventures

Bain Capital Ventures a top VC fund among Late-stage FinTech Investor
Snapshot: Bain Capital Ventures joins the ties with B2B entrepreneurs to help them bring their daring ideas to light. The FinTech funds offered by the investor vary depending on the stage of the startup: usually, the VC offers between 1MUSD for seed capital-seeking founders to up to 100MUSD for more mature businesses. Along with their interest in multiple business domains, when it comes to FinTech investors helped such companies accelerate: Bench, Digital Currency Group, Ribbon, SigFig, and Rentomojo.

Founded: 1984

Number of recent deals: 6

General Catalyst

General Catalyst a top VC fund among Late-stage FinTech Investor
Snapshot: General Catalyst is not only a FinTech VC but an all-rounded company that helps startups transform their businesses. General Catalyst supports extraordinary entrepreneurs that redefine the business realm and create market’s leading solutions. GC powered platforms include XIR program, Rough Draft Ventures, and Velocity Network.
General Catalyst has cream of the crop industry experts on board who know how to streamline business growth and open new horizons for startups. Unique findings by General Catalyst include Lemonade we mentioned in one of our articles earlier, Oscar, Stripe, Admirals Bank as well as Fundbox.

Founded: 2000

Number of recent deals: 5

Khosla Ventures

Khosla Ventures a top VC fund among Late-stage FinTech Investor
Snapshot: Khosla Ventures is a FinTech VC that helps companies build industry-leading businesses that drive change and bring a positive impact. KV allocates its FinTech funds to phenomenal startups and helps pioneers with strategy building and guidance. With more than 4BUSD under management, the firm targets a large array of business verticals and belongs to one of the first-rate FinTech investors. Affirm, Blockstream, Boku, Ethos Lending, and Cadre we mentioned in one of our posts are among the companies supported by Khosla Venture.

Founded: 2004

Number of recent deals: 5

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