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Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Software Development Company

Weighing your options is rarely easy. When it comes to outsourcing your project to a software development company, just flipping a coin to choose among contractors might not be a good idea: a lot depends on your partners here. Do you want to learn how to make an informed decision? Here is some food for thought.

1. Aim at tech and domain expertise

First off, the cream of the crop software development company would have both great engineers and let’s say capital market experts if you’re into FinTech. Thus, strong domain knowledge and programming should go along and you don’t need to make any tradeoffs between the two.
What’s more it’s wise to drill even deeper into subject matter expertise and specific engineering when you know exactly whether your project is about to bring a daring product to B2C or B2B market. Often times, you might find a software development company that would boast of knowing it all. However, retail and corporate business worlds differ a lot.

2. Communicate effectively

When you’re on the look for a reliable software development company, you want someone who’d be willing to contribute to your project as if it were his own idea. Commenting on certain things that might be not in line with your vision is great because you’d better have the second opinion.
Sugarcoating the truth about some parts of the project that don’t seem feasible at all might cost you. No one wants to pay money out of his own pocket and get a Yes-man as a contractor not able to deliver on his pledge at the end of the deal.

3. Consider the tech stack

Although at first glance you might have a broad range of firms to choose from, at the end of the day you require just one software development company. This partner should have the right people that possess the technical skills you require for your particular project. You don’t need to pay for someone’s learning curve just because they don’t know C++ but ready to master it quickly, right?

If you are on track from the very start, later on it will be easier for you to adopt your application to evolving market demands and scale business with less effort.

4. Go for Agile

A good software development company knows that the most innovative business offerings need to scale and adjust to evolving needs of the market. While creating such products or services, it’s not rare that you need some tune-ups here and there without anyone making a fuss out of such a change request.
Agile methodology is a handbook for those programmers who harness the full potential of modern software development. And what’s the best part? The Agile Manifesto suggests that your project requirements can change with the time and by a joint effort of cross-functional teams you can direct the way how certain things are being fulfilled and controlled.

5. Ask as much as you can

It’s free. The more questions you ask a software development company of your choice, the more detailed profile of a potential partner you’ll get. Imagine a job interview you’re at. How can a recruiter define if you’re a good fit for a want ad? How can he benchmark you against other job seekers? When it comes to choosing a software development company to outsource your project, the process is quite similar.

Compile a long list of questions that ails you and put them into three baskets. Begin with general inquiries, for example:

  • What does your working process look like?
  • Describe the best and worst case scenario when relationship with your customer went awry
  • Do you plan to assign any shared resource to my project?

After you get an idea of how things usually work in this software development company, it’s time to find out if the team you want to recruit is business-savvy. To dot the i-s here, ask the following:

  • What makes you stand out from the crowd?
  • Have you worked on a FinTech project before?
  • What are your rates per hour / man-day for varied roles etc?

Lastly, you can drop a few more technical questions or, even better, ask developers and QAs to perform some tests for you to prove their expertise and knowledge.

This is a guide you can stick to in order to easily choose a custom software development company you can rely on. Remember that although we provide you with useful tips that might help you in the future, the list of ideas to employ is not exhaustive: you can always consult open sources to back up your findings and assumptions.

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