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Top 10 FinTech Companies in the World

FinTech is not just a buzzword. Leading financial institutions pair up with technology players to add more digital edge to their existing offerings and acquire greater number of technically-savvy generation of youngsters.

Total value of investment in FinTech companies around the world has reached 30BUSD in 2017 and is believed to add 15 more billions by 2020.

According to VentureScanner consumer and business lending as well as mobile payments are the top three areas FinTech players are tapping into. Who are those daring entrepreneurs that create a history nowadays by introducing new standards and best practices in finance? Let us find out.

Clover Health

Market valuation: 1.2BUSD
Founded: 2013
With its HQ in San Francisco, this prodigy among FinTech companies is disrupting insurance landscape by offering unique medical plans and premium care. The story of Clover is an iconic example of how you can start a profitable business by changing conventional insurance model.
The company caters to the needs of local communities with improved health insurance solutions using patient-focused analytics and dedicated team of service managers. Clover offers the insured a broader choice of doctors at affordable cost as well as plenty of perks on top of conventional health insurance policy.


Market valuation: 9.2BUSD
Founded: 2010
Stripe knows how to transform e-commerce by providing a tool kit to scale their business for online stores, crowdfunding platforms and marketplaces. Stripe’s ecommerce instruments allow companies accept online payments with easy and no hustle.
Stripe is a successful family endeavor that turned two brothers who started the payment processing company into the rich and famous of FinTech companies globally. Since 2013, Stripe has been active on mergers and acquisitions bringing more talent under its roof including such companies as Teapot, Payable, and Kickoff etc.


Market valuation: 2.7BUSD
Founded: 2012
Oscar redefines health insurance by offering digital tools to get your family or business covered. Personal care team with a dedicated nurse and 24/7 consulting with a doctor at no cost are just a few benefits the right insurance plan.
Oscar app is a digital way to connect with health care professionals and choose from a large database of laboratories in the neighborhood. The application helps customers earn rewards they can spend on Amazon later on and it’s all for just being an active community member.


Market valuation: 300-500MEUR
Founded: 2012
Kreditech has its place under the sun and is among top-notch global FinTech companies for a number of reasons. The company is a renowned online lender from Hamburg, Germany that assesses the creditworthiness of applications by sourcing insights from online data.
Kreditech focuses on online scoring tools for digital banking according to long-term goals and current needs of each customer. The European tech company taps into the segment of potential clients who have very little or no credit history at all.


Market valuation: 80-100BUSD
Founded: 2014
AntFin is a Chinese company that spun off from AliBaba. The company’s financial services platform creates equal opportunities for individuals and business worldwide. Although considered an early stage venture, AntFinancial has already made history by reshaping the industry of online payment.
Ant model is an all-encompassing approach that synthesized the 10-year philosophy of Alipay, cloud computing, and Big Data offering its cutting-edge payment services to the public. Green finance policy of the company encourages environmentally-friendly spending populating low-carbon lifestyle.


Market valuation: 1.3BUSD
Founded: 2013
Robinhood is a prominent player among FinTech companies that began its journey as a tech-powered brokerage back in the day. The company has an app that allows Generation Y clients to trade US stocks with 0% commission.
Robinhood democratizes investing for an average user by offering products within everyone’s budget and reach.


Market valuation: 2.25BUSD
Founded: 2005
Klarna is an international banking business with its headquarters in Swedish capital. The company offers smooth shopping experience to online buyers and tools for merchants to grow their business.
The company operates in close to 20 markets around the globe offering Pay Now, Pay Later, and Slice it options checkouts as its popular e-commerce payment solutions. Another option that was added to company’s portfolio in 2016 is lines of credit opening for online buyers.


Market valuation: undisclosed
Founded: 2014
FundSeeder is an online tool that allows traders benchmark themselves against fellow-colleagues, have a sneak peek into their performance analysis and set the goals to scale their own business.
FundSeeder has a powerful toolkit for all kinds of managers from newbies to established traders, family and pedigreed managers. The company connects potential investors with a large pool of traders who’d work in sync with their long-term aspirations.


Market valuation: 1.3BUSD
Founded: 2009
Kabbage is among leading FinTech companies that offer online lending solutions. Kabbage is a heaven on Earth for small businesses where entrepreneurs enjoy plenty of opportunities to source capital and kick off their daring projects.
Small business loans and invoice payments are the subject matter expertise of Kabbage team. Offering up to $250K line of credit, the online lending platform enables businesses grow with ease.


Market valuation: 1.6BUSD
Founded: 2012
Brian Armstrong’s offspring, Coinbase is an online platform for trading cryptocurrencies. With digital money fever taking over the headlines all over the world, the exchange is one of the most popular online markets for selling and buying plenty of coins using the digital wallet.
Apart from bitcoin and other altcoins users can trade at the platform, Coinbase has tools for merchants allowing online entrepreneurs easily accept payment in multiple cryptocurrencies and control the digital cash flow effortlessly.

As we can see, FinTech companies are on the roll but with the growing popularity of distributed ledger technology, AI, and machine-powered interactions only the future will dot the i-s and show us new unicorns that will lead the industry.

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