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4 min read
Who is software development manager?
There are a lot of delusions about software development manager. And in this article, we gonna be Mythbusters that will uncover the true nature of this position.
16 min read
The fundamental principles of object-oriented programming in JavaScript
JavaScript is our favorite programming language because you can develop any software with it. In this article, we want to tell you about object-oriented programming in JavaScript with which you can develop any custom software in the world!
3 min read
Top Blockchain Development Certifications for Developers
With the blockchain industry evolution blockchain development is taking a lead among other software development types. That is why we've gathered the list of top blockchain development certifications for those who want to dive deeper in the distributed world.
6 min read
How AI Can Cut Your Business Costs
Haven't you yet used an AI in your company? Then you need dive into the machine learning development immediately to reduce your costs and improve your business efficiency! We've gathered the most interesting ways to do that.
7 min read
Ultimate Mobile App Development Checklist
During your mobile application development, you may face different pitfalls that may increase costs and destroy your business. Here we made our mobile app development checklist to help you to avoid any issues.
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