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5 min read
WTF Is Agile Development?
Be agiler in development nowadays has the same meaning as being more productive. What is the agile development, what types of it and why it so cool - read in our article.
4 min read
All You Need To Know About Agile Software Development Teams
Everybody talks about the agile approach in software development. And they do it for a reason! Agile Development Teams proved their efficiency. And we'll tell you why!
5 min read
Everything Your Business Needs To Know About Responsive Web Design (+Checklist)
Mobile traffic hitted over 79% of total internet traffic in 2018 that so responsive web design is the must-have! But as everything else in this world, you should do it right. How? We'll tell you in our blog post!
3 min read
Be Responsive Or Die: Why Cross-Platform Compatibility Is A Must For A Modern Website
If your website is not responsive yet, make it so right now. Wonder why? Then here is the full list of reasons why we are so confident in that.
5 min read
5 Web Design Features Your Site Won’t Last Long Without
There are a lot of different features you may add into your website on both web development phase and after it. However, all listed in this article things are crucial for your website and your business success.
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