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The set of articles and how-to posts that we gathered to help you move your business forward and make the right decisions!
16 min read
The fundamental principles of object-oriented programming in JavaScript
JavaScript is our favorite programming language because you can develop any software with it. In this article, we want to tell you about object-oriented programming in JavaScript with which you can develop any custom software in the world!
4 min read
6 Challenges You may Face During Website Localization
Nowadays businesses become more and more global and multinational. That is why good website localization may bring you tons of traffic and customers. However, you may face a lot of pitfalls during your website translation and here is how to avoid them!
7 min read
Ultimate Mobile App Development Checklist
During your mobile application development, you may face different pitfalls that may increase costs and destroy your business. Here we made our mobile app development checklist to help you to avoid any issues.
4 min read
From Startuppers To Startuppers: Best Entrepreneurs Advice! Part 2
We keep publishing pieces of wisdom from successful startup founders and entrepreneurs. Check the second post with priceless advices!
5 min read
6 Ways to make your software development cheaper
Any startup wants to lower their burn rate as well as to deliver a great product. We shared amazing tips on how to make your software development cheaper without hustling.
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