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4 min read
Machine Learning Algorithms List and Cheatsheet
What are the types of machine learning algorithms? What is the most common ML algorithms list? What ML algorithms to choose? We've all that covered in this article.
3 min read
You were wrong: AI vs Machine Learning what is the real difference!
Although often times used interchangeably, you might actually artificial intelligence and machine learning is not exactly the same despite the prevailing trends to merge the two. The reality might seem slightly blur for
3 min read
Top Blockchain Development Certifications for Developers
With the blockchain industry evolution blockchain development is taking a lead among other software development types. That is why we've gathered the list of top blockchain development certifications for those who want to dive deeper in the distributed world.
6 min read
How AI Can Cut Your Business Costs
Haven't you yet used an AI in your company? Then you need dive into the machine learning development immediately to reduce your costs and improve your business efficiency! We've gathered the most interesting ways to do that.
3 min read
Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Software Development Company
You have an idea for a product but struggling to choose the best software development company which can create it? We gathered top 5 pieces of advice that will help you not to fail your choice!
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