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5 Web Design Features Your Site Won’t Last Long Without

What comes first up your mind when thinking website features? Web development, of course: a solid back-end, quick to respond database, responsive layouts, buttons and chatbots just to name a few.

All of that is great and all, but what good is a fast, feature-rich website if it looks like a rotten tomato? UX and web design are also integral parts of your ongoing online success that matter as much (if not more) as the code under the hood.

This brings up an important question: what are the most important web design features your website can’t miss out on in 2018?

A juicy font that speaks for your business

With the wide variety of fonts available on the web development of a custom one may seem like a waste of time and effort. Why re-invent the bicycle?

Because quantity doesn’t equal quality. While it is true that there is a multitude of typography options available, it is also true that most people only use the better-known ones like Roboto, Times New Roman or Sans-Serif. Business owners tend to use the classics because they are well made and fit into practically any design solution out there.

Popular fonts harvest their strength from being bland. Do you want “bland” to represent the digital face of your business? We certainly think not.

Your unique voice needs a fitting form that blasts user’s eyes with individuality. Take a look at the New York Times for example – you think of the paper every time you come across their signature font even if it is used in other forms of media.

A font like that should be one of your most desired web design features for 2018.

Think flat, but not too flat

Apple and Google have done their best to popularize flat/material design over the course of the past few years. Their vision worked perfectly – we’ve come to a series of web design concepts that are UX-oriented from the box. Users simply have a better time of navigation through buttons, icons and other elements of an interface when they are flat.

This leaves yet another issue of individuality open – flat designs look alike. You can’t stand out from the crowd of yellow hat wearing people by putting on a yellow cap. At the same time, a slight nuance like a red pattern on your head ware will grant you the attention of the surrounding people.

The semi-flat design is that unique pattern your business needs. It will still ensure that your users have a better understanding of content while leaving you with room for individuality.

Take a look at Uber, for example - their semi-flat designs add a nuance through shadows ever so slightly and yet their decision has left an impact on the web development world.

Add life to UX through compelling videos

Videos are undeniably a great tool for achieving commercial success on the web. As we’ve already covered in one of our previous articles dedicated to web design they are an outstanding mean of crafting a compelling, easily relatable story or case for the customer journey.

That noted, not only is it easier for you to tell a story, but it is easier for you to sell a story. Don’t take just our word for it though and have a look at the stats: 92% of B2B customers watch online video and 43% of B2B customers watch online video when researching products and services for their business.

This means that video content is not only a powerful tool of persuasion on your landing and home pages. But it is also something your audience is looking for while making important business decisions.

Conversion Rate Optimization hacks

UX is made of a plethora of factors: simplicity, intuitiveness and general attractiveness are fine examples of them but they are just parts of the bigger picture, not the whole thing.

Conversion Optimization features are as important as they are the ones guiding your users to the exact place on the site you want them to be.

How? There are a lot of creative ways of improving conversion rates. Listing them all (or at least the lion’s share) will be the subject of a separate article that will be coming out shortly. Feel free to subscribe to our blog for all the relevant updates, but as of now we will be listing but a handful of the most efficient examples:

  • Fields are scary! You need info on your users for research and marketing purposes, but your users don’t want to share it. Or do they? Given the law of equivalent exchange, your users will be more than willing to share their data if the reward is worthwhile. It is the ton of fields they need to manually fill up that scares them off. Allow login functionality through social media accounts! It only takes one click and, as proven by KissMetricks, it increases signups by the whopping 90%!
  • Choose your words wisely! According to Web Designer Depot, even something as simple as the word “Pricing” used instead of “Request a quote” resulted in a 160% conversion rate increase.
  • Go fast! Web design features are great for as long as they are not slowing down your site. It has been calculated that even a second of load time results in a 7% smaller conversion rate.

Mobile goes first for a reason

Everything you do on your website, whether front-end or not, should lead to a goal of cross-platform compatibility.** In our day and age, it is important to look dashing on the desktop, laptop and mobile screens alike**.

Why? That’s simple:

  • On average, people spend around 4 hours per day on their phones.
  • At least 81% of American adults now own a smartphone and use it as a tool that helps them in day-to-day lives as well as business activities.
  • People spend more time on social media alone than on grooming, doing laundry and socializing combined!

Do you have any other questions regarding web design & development essentials? Feel free to ask them in the comments or through the Contact Us page!

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