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5 “Inside The Box” Web Design Trends To Follow In 2018

You know what they say about war: War never changes. There are rules, consequences, victors, and casualties - always. Same can be said about web design.

What is web design if not a constant battle for the attention of a wider audience? You do your best to ensure that your app or your site stand out from the crowd through offering just enough innovation to keep people invested while not going too far with hard-to-grasp features.

Simplicity, minimalism, and balance are keys designed to ensure intuitiveness of solutions. They are three whales holding everything together, the walls of your bunker where the general stays. They are the rules of warfare none should break.
This mindset is what works for stakeholders and business owners but boggles creative hearts of many young designers. “Aren't we limiting ourselves to a little box that’s going to run out space eventually?”, they ask.

No, the rules are there for a reason, that reason being the users for whom the products are made in the first place. The presence of obligatory patterns does not limit creativity, but rather enhances it as everyone has to make unique, intuitive and memorable eye-candy from the very same set of weapons and ammunition.

Don’t take just our word for it though - check out some of the better web design trends that will be hot in 2018. All of them follow the rules of combat while bringing something new and innovative to the table.



People show less and less interest to written text on a website or in an app. Our attention span is now overflown with content that enters our lives from literally every corner of existence. Humanity is entering a point where people are literally born with a mental block for the copy.

Don’t get this wrong. People are still reading a lot but we are only willing to do so after a commitment. And even if we wish to read something, we would like a more conventional source of information like a book or a blog. A landing page or a home screen of an app isn't such a place.

Remarkably, those are the exact places where business owners wish others would pay attention to the most. But if we’d turn to the three whales - simplicity, minimalism, and balance a solution would come on its own - animation.

Is there a better way to sell your idea that actually showing it to others? Not telling about it, but showing it in a nifty, eye-catching manner!

We haven't done this before because of the limitations of technology, but today’s progress with CSS, JS and supporting frameworks like Angular or React allow for developers to create compelling product demos and even handy success stories on the homepage without butchering load speed and performance.

We are destined to see the rise of animations as a web design trend in 2018!



The market for Augmented Reality solutions was worth less than $2.5 billion in 2016 but is estimated to grow up to $29.5 billion by 2020. Or, in simpler words, we will be seeing a lot more of AR-based solutions in the nearest future. Why miss out of it while developing jaw-dropping designs?

A simple QR code on a web page may be the key to opening a whole new world of visually appealing content to people using wearable tech. Imagine allowing for your clients to see a handmade product demo or even visualizing themselves using your product in real time. Priceless.

Big Data

With the growing access to data, we gather it’s always a great idea to use some of the stats as a selling point of an idea. Alas, you can't just slap random numbers at people’s faces in hopes that something will stick.

That’s why the art of data visualization will be as big as ever in 2018, with new ways designed to introduce the new and improved pie chart. The biggest challenge will lie in ensuring that useful data doesn’t appeal boring to people but rather adds to the bigger picture.


Custom illustrations

We all know that the good old stock photos are bad for business. Hell, we’ve known this for years. But what choice did we have, given that custom photography is expensive and hard to get by?


That’s right, simple doodles work amazingly well for those trying to make a point. Add some depth to them, make them more complex and you will get the ultimate solution in custom illustrations. 2016 and 2017 have already proven the worth and impact of illustrations ensuring that this trend will only grow bigger in 2018.

Massive Typography

Bold letters paired with striking visuals are one the biggest web design trends of today for two reasons: it is easy to make and it definitely grabs the attention of the observer.

This solution is not as great for business as some of the other trends listed above, but if you are able to deliver a powerful message through 3 to 5 words, there really isn't much in the world that can stop you.Especially today, where sharp resolutions and 4K screens are more common than ever.

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