Blockchain Development
for Your Distributed Business
We’ll help you to create or reinvent your business with the most progressive and transparent technology.
Blockchain Technology Consulting
Smart Contracts Development and Audit
AML/KYC/GDPR Compliance
Integration with Existing IS and Workflows
Public and Private Blockchains Development
Secure Treatment of Data
GWallets and Exchanges Development
Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies Forks
Blockchain Supply Chains Development
Whether you want to build new cryptocurrency, supply chain, healthcare startup or you want to modernise your bank infrastructure, we’ll can help you make your business more modern and transparent, automated and sophisticated.Blockchain technology started its disrupting way form financials industry and right now moved to others to change the way how most industries work. We help startups, enterprise companies and nonprofits to change the way we do business.Leading our high- profile clients through the blockchain and cryptocurrency hysteria as their trustedpartners, we help them to distinguish and extract real business value from the media hype and glitter.
We offer our clients blockchain-based solutions, smart contracts development, identity solutions, and team extension for blockchain projects. We have one of the biggest pool of engineering, cryptography, and cybersecurity talent in Eastern Europe and over 10 year of experience with both small and mid-size business software as well as enterprise financial blockchain solutions.
Machine Learning Engineering Machine Learning Engineering
We are experts in
Machine Learning Engineering
Enterprise Blockchain
We help enterprise companies with blockchain application development, architecture creation, proof-of-concept building, integration with existing information systems and workflows and full business migration into a new platform. Automation, transparency and security that blockchain software provides combined with other powerful technologies such as IoT and AI let modern companies create entirely new business models and revenue streams.
Natural Language Processing
Smart Contracts
Go beyond cryptocurrencies and integrate service tokens also known as smart contracts - digital protocols created for validating conditions of a contract between two or more parties. We are glad to provide you development services for both your smart contracts based product or your ICO with our expertise about all roadblocks and pitfalls with AML, KYC and FATCA compliance.
Image Recognition & Computer vision
Decentralized Storage
Power your existing business with full road transparency and crypto security with our decentralized storage development services. Decentralized cloud storage systems that support peer- to-peer communication and handles data exchange and transactions securely over the blockchain platform.
AI Algorithms Development
Cryptocurrency Forking
High rates, high wins! Institutional financial organizations, banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and even messengers go beyond Bitcoin or Ethereum in their competition for the future of the financial market. They dive deeper into the hard forks of protocol tokens to create their own cryptocurrency based on the existing one.